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The Charmings Home This site is dedicated to the first season of The Charmings and the couple Snow (Caitlin Heaney) and Eric (Christopher Rich). The Charmings was a sit-com.  The premise was Christopher Rich and
              Caitlin O'Heaneythat Snow White; her husband, Prince Eric; their two young sons; her evil step-mother, and one of the seven dwarfs had fallen victim to one of the evil queen’s spells and awoken in Los Angeles circa 1987.  The show revolved around their efforts to fit into modern-day life.  After the first season, the producers inexplicably recast the role of Snow.  In my opinion this was a mistake and I quit watching. 

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Caitlin O'Heaney and
                Christopher RichI have endeavored to acknowledge all copyrights.  Scene captures were obtained via VHS tape from original airings.  I have listed where all pictures were originally printed when known.  Songs are the property of the applicable artists, writers, musicians, & publishing companies.  If I have missed any or am in violation of any copyrights, I will remove applicable content immediately upon request.  I ask that the organizations and/or persons involved accept my sincere apologies.  I created this site as a fan of the show for other fans to enjoy. It is not my intention to infringe on any copyrights.

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